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Amy Silverman wanted a tuxedo. She had a few weddings and charity evenings coming up, and she wanted to look like James Bond. But her dream tuxedo proved elusive.

“I kind of makeshift things from what I can find that will fit me,” Silverman said. “Being 5’2,” it’s nice to be able to go and get something made that fits the way it should. Even when I go and buy stuff from the men’s section, I still have to get it tailored because it’s too big or it doesn’t fit exactly right.”

Silverman was willing to go custom-made. She wanted her tux cut like a man’s, but met resistance when she’d go to custom fitters. “I’ve had situations with other businesses in the past where I’ve went in with a friend of mine who is a guy, we’re similar size, and they’ll fit him but they won’t fit me,” she explained.

Enter Ricardo Perez, owner of bespoke clothing store Dapper Club. Perez was inspired to start his business by his own shopping disappointments. “When I used to buy suits off the rack, they didn’t fit me properly. I would spend like an extra $150 on tailoring,” said Perez. “At that point, you’re spending about $700 on a suit that wasn’t really designed for you, doesn’t have any of the personal details that you would want. I wanted to create something that would be a little more affordable for people, where they can personally design their own suits, pick out the details of it, and it’s made for their body.”

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