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Suits are such an important staple in any man’s wardrobe and when you search online for how they should fit countless pages and guides come up to help men find the perfectly fitted suit for their body types but when you search for women’s not nearly the same amount of help shows up. At the Dapper Club we think it’s important that everyone knows how to find the best suit for their body regardless of who you are.


Many women like to let their personality show here by wearing different blouses or patterns. For a classic look keep it simple with a button down in a solid color that compliments your skin tone. Avoid white shirts with black suits lest you want the waitress look. When looking for the perfect fit make sure there is no pulling around the chest and it fits comfortably around your waist or have it taken in if you have to go in a size larger.

There’s nothing wrong with throwing on a slouchy blazer over an outfit for a more casual look but to get that strong and professional look make sure it is properly fitted. Like men’s jackets, the shoulders need to rest comfortably and not extend past your actual shoulders or that they aren’t too short. Make sure you can move your arms around with ease and that the sleeves sit at your wrist bone. In terms of length, it can be at your own preference but make sure that your shirt is never visible from the back.

The pants have a multitude of variables but making sure they are fitted is key. Many people opt for a more high waisted look and if this is your preference make sure you have it fit around your hips and have it taken in at the waist so there is no extra fabric. Make sure there’s not pulling at the front center of the pant. The length of the leg depends on the type of shoe that is going to be worn. The hem should just barely graze the ground but never actually touch it so have a variety of lengths to wear with different shoes.

The most important aspect to wearing any suit is confidence. Once your suit is fit to your body all that it needs is the person to enjoy wearing it. We strongly believe that when you are happy with what you wear you won't ever look bad.


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