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Weddings used to be about everyone in the wedding party looking uniform, and the bride being the only one to stand out. But here at the Dapper Club we think it’s your day to stand out too, gentlemen. Don’t let yourself take a backseat to the bridal party.

Wedding dresses can cost as much as a year’s worth of college to only be worn once, yet many men still only rent their suits. Getting a tailored suit means you don’t just look good at your wedding it also means you now have a tailored suit to wear whenever you want. When you and your groomsmen decide to invest in a tailored suit the price might be higher but being able to wear it more than once means you’ll have a better value than a rental that you’ll only wear once.

Brides also get a lot of different options when it comes to their dresses to fit their personality and style.

Here are ways to make your suit stand out a little more:

  • The Flower:
    The groom as well as his groomsmen traditionally wear a boutonniere on the jacket lapel. A boutonniere is a flower or small set of flowers pinned to the buttonhole of a man’s suit, typically the jacket lapel. A subtle way to set the groom apart from the rest of his men is by pinning a different boutonniere to his suit. This will grant the wedding party to still look traditional and clean, but allowing the groom to slightly stand out.
  • Alternative Coat:
    If the wedding is taking place in more of a casual setting, it would be a good idea to have the groom wear a different color coat from the rest of his party. You may consider wearing a black coat while the groomsmen wear gray. Or for a more subtle difference, a satin lapel while the groomsmen stick with the traditional lapel.
  • The Tie:
    It is usually a good idea for the groomsmen to wear ties that compliment the color of the bridesmaids’ dresses, however this does not have to be the case for the groom. Although the ties should be within the same color scheme in order to avoid clashing you can pick a different color tie than the rest of the bridal party. Similar to the alternative coat, if the rest of the groomsmen are wearing black ties or bowties, it would be acceptable for you to pick a different color such as silver. This would also allow for people to spot the groom from further distances, as well as stand out in pictures.
  • The Vest:
    Another way of adding some flair to your suit in a more faint fashion would be to change up the vest and coat combination. Although it wouldn’t be quite as apparent, It would be a subtle way to have to stand out when your jacket is open.

Ask any groomsman what they look forward to the most about being in the wedding party and it’s likely no one will answer getting their suits, and honestly who can blame them? Usually they all meet at a suit rental place, try on similar suits and then head home.

Many custom suit places are beginning to offer ways to make the whole experience more enjoyable and memorable for everyone involved. They provide drinks and entertainment such as billiards or cards to keep the group occupied. It can also be educational as they offer tips and suggestions.

You and groomsmen can sit back and relax and actually have fun while making sure you all look great for the most important day.


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