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The Dapper Club was born in 2014 by the Founder Ricardo Perez, with a vision to make luxury custom clothing available for everyone without breaking the bank and bring a true gentleman experience to anyone in Chicago. From humble beginnings, to our current growing stages, we have now launched our first ever Winter Fashion Collection – a collection of essential suits that we believe everyone should have for the most common life events throughout this chilly season. Our Winter Collection consists of nine essential suits for any Dapper human. They can be matched up with our brand new Dapper Club accessories line as well!

Our Winter Fashion Collection includes suits for:

  • The Executive
  • The Classic Dapper
  • The Vintage Dapper
  • Date Night
  • The Trendsetter
  • The Traditional
  • Tuxedo
  • The Signature
  • Tuxedo
  • The Casual Dapper

Our Winter Collection was custom designed by our team of stylists and the Founder, Ricardo Perez. The Dapper Club loves to entail the classical styles of suits throughout past generations and give it a modern twist by tailoring it to today’s slim fit GQ standard.

A breakdown on The Dapper Club’s Winter Collection:

The Executive suit can be worn for anyone ready to pitch their proposal to a boardroom full of investors. Double-breasted with wide peak lapels and its pinstriped details, will no doubt have you feeling, walking, talking, and looking the part of the next Forbes List entrepreneur.

The Classic Duo suits are perfect to have in your wardrobe for your go-to suits for that new job interview or talking about business with potential clients or employers over coffee. We kept it to the simple traditional navy blue and gray suits so you can switch it up to the vibe you’re feeling.

The Vintage suit is the epitome of a classic early 1900s oxford=man with its brown twill jacket to add warmth to your outfit to combat the cold winter. Take off your coat and allow the brown double-breasted vest breathe and reveal the details of its wide rounded lapels that will have you proudly stand a little bit taller and show off your french cuffed, contrast collared dress shirt with its red stripes and a nice collar insert at the collars to give it the true vintage feel. The plaid-patterned slacks truly gives it its oxford look. Throw this suit on when you’re networking or taking care of clients to show a unique fashion taste to add color to the gray days of the winter.

The Date Night Look is what it is. It’s a suave four buttoned double-breasted charcoal gray suit with a heavy wool feel to keep you warm and your look subtle yet the details of its wide peak lapels and warm inviting touch will seduce your date to getting a little bit more cozier. It’s vintage red lining on the inside also allows you to show off your suit but also represents the color of love. If the reason for a date is to get more comfortable with each other, let your suit represent comfort, class, and warmth to get your date wanting to spend more time with you after.

The Trendsetter is for the bold who isn’t scared to stand out in the whole room. It’s black checkered pattern and gold buttons will definitely shine in any Gala or Bar Crawl you decide to hit. Turn heads as you walk through the door and be drippin’ in finesse with whoever you decide to take as arm candy. Look fashionable and set the trend for others to dare to be as bold as you.

With all the people getting engaged this season, we have two tuxedos to serve gentlemen for their special day. We believe that the groom should care as much as the bride when they get dressed for their wedding. We believe our Signature Tuxedo is the best pick for any gentleman who wants to stand out at their wedding. Our Signature Tuxedo encompasses The Dapper Club’s mission to push the limits of how people think when it comes to suits. The Tuxedo was inspired by the times of the early 1900s when gentlemen really cared about the way they dressed. The velvet and suede feel of the Signature Tux brings us back to the times when Velvet was one of the most luxurious fabrics to wear. The Signature Tux sticks out with it’s paisley design and shawl lapel with satin. It’s traditional wing tip collar with its hidden placket to create a cleaner look and top it off with a bow tie. We also have our Traditional Tuxedo, if you want to choose between the Velvet or the wool.

Last but not least, our Casual Suit is for any modern gent who’s taking their day off out in the city. It’s maroon traditional coat with its standard details like its notch lapel and the extra ticket pocket to encompass the classic style of the 1920s. Take your coat off as you catch up on reading and sip on your latte and entice people to look your way with your warm brown single-breasted vest with its maroon striped details to contrast your navy blue custom chinos so you can easily move around comfortably as you get errands done, catch up with friends, or pop into that barbeque looking dapper yet never overwhelming people with its casual design.

Remember, being dapper is not just the outfit you wear for the day or the suit you believe is appropriate for a certain time. Being dapper is a lifestyle. Allow your style to flow with your lifestyle and your personality. Stay dapper, my friends. Welcome to The Dapper Club.


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