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The Signature Tuxedo

We believe our Signature Tuxedo is the best pick for any gentleman who wants to stand out at their wedding. Our Signature Tuxedo encompasses The Dapper Club’s mission to push the limits of how people think when it comes to suits. The Tuxedo was inspired by the times of the early 1900s when gentlemen really cared about the way they dressed. The velvet and suede feel of the Signature Tux brings us back to the times when Velvet was one of the most luxurious fabrics to wear. The Signature Tux sticks out with it’s paisley design and shawl lapel with satin. It’s traditional wing tip collar with its hidden placket to create a cleaner look and top it off with a bow tie. We also have our Traditional Tuxedo, if you want to choose between the Velvet or the wool.

Prices vary depending on fabrics chosen.


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