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The Casual Fit


The Casual Fit may seem not so casual when all put together, but each piece plays accordingly to the casual occasion. Each piece is meant to look good even when worn separately. The maroon coat with the traditional notch lapel and classic pockets with an added ticket pocket, captures the season’s warm colors and a traditional designed coat to keep its presence subtle. The fit is paired with navy blue chinos and a gray plaid styled single-breasted vest with small maroon details within its pattern to match the jacket, yet would still look good with the navy blue chinos without the maroon coat. Mix and match your accessories with knit ties or no ties. This fit would be great for your day off while out in town. Perfect tones to set the mood right in any coffee shop, library, bookstore, or day out getting errands done.

Prices vary depending on fabrics chosen.

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$ 1,250.00