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It’s been a typical workday for Ricardo Perez, owner and Creative Director of custom suiting and tailoring company the Dapper Club. He’s had a schedule packed with client consultations, fittings, working lunches, phone calls and coffee runs. When we sit down at 7 p.m. on a Friday inside the Wicker Park showroom space Perez’s company and Marc Nolan share, his workday is still far from over.

Since founding the Dapper Club in 2014, Perez has housed his company in multiple locations, grown his brand organically, gained a social media following, and made countless articles of custom clothing for both men and women. He’s seen failures, but his successes have far outweighed them. His passion for custom clothing has endured and so has his dedication to a business model that prizes customer experience, individuality and expression – a business like the Dapper Club.

“Custom clothing is better quality, better fitted, and better suited for different personalities, body types and tastes,” Perez said. “With Dapper Club, men can have quality clothing unique to them, and it provides a different shopping experience.”

Ricardo Perez
Founder of Dapper Club

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