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After a surprise blizzard earlier in March it looks like spring is finally here to stay, and there’s no better time to make some adjustments to your wardrobe. All those heavy fabrics and dark colors can be put away until the leaves start dropping. It’s time to enjoy the nice weather with some easy tips to make your suits spring-ready.

Loosen Up

From Balenciaga to Bottega Venata, many major designers are going back to the looser fit suit for their spring collections. The relaxed fit is perfect for the warmer temperatures. You’ll be feeling a lot more freedom to breathe and move with the extra room. Just make sure you don’t go for too relaxed of a fit so you don’t look like a kid playing dress up. Feel free to dress down you suit with some sneakers or T-shirt for a more casual vibe.

Keep it Light:

Velvet and wool are great fabric options for suits but they can be stifling in the growing heat. Switch to cotton and linen suits to keep cool. Linen tends to wrinkle so if you’re wearing it into the office we suggest to get a blend to keep it a little more professional. If you absolutely cannot stay away from wool try fresco wool. The high-twisted wool allows for an airy feel that is still durable like other wools. Seersucker is great when you have really warm days but is best for the summer. Chambray has that near-denim look to it so it’s sturdy but still light enough that you won’t feel too warm in it.

Color it in:

Spring is the time for pastels and we encourage everyone to try out fun colors in this time of renewal and growth. Don’t shy away from bright yellows which made a appearances on runways for Hermes, Gucci and Alexander McQueen for the Spring and Summer seasons. Pair your shirts with gray and charcoal suits to help the colors pop even more. Blue and khaki are common colors for chambray and cotton fabrics.

Add Some Flare

Don’t forget to add some accessories to your spring wardrobe. Mix and match fabrics for your ties and pocket squares. If having a seersucker suit might be too out of your comfort zone, experiment with having your tie in that fabric or try a linen pocket square. Don’t forget about trying colors here. Bold prints are easier to tackle with your accessories such as your socks or tie. 

You can also change your cuff links and tie bars to different materials. Wood is eye grabbing but still minimalist. And most importantly don’t underestimate the power of a good pair of sunglasses. Spring is a great time to try out new things and step out of your comfort zone, and thankfully also a time that offers very casual and comfortable options as well. Mix and match these tips to find what fits your style while you enjoy the nice weather and still look Dapper.


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