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The Dapper Club accessories line was projected into the company towards the end of 2016, allowing every dapper individual to go forward into 2017 with an extra twist to their style. We understand that people all over the world strive to perfect their look for any occasion and therefore we wanted to help people to achieve these looks even if they cannot personally come into our store based out of Chicago.
Get to know our Gualtiero tie, featured in the look above.

The main goal that we had when launching our accessories line was to present pieces that can be dressed up or dressed down. We wanted the accessories to be able to accommodate whatever look you’re trying to reach while also giving your style a little something different. These pieces are all very versatile therefore there is no restriction on how to style these accessories. Think of this accessory line as the staples you need to give your look personality.

The Maximiano cufflinks, available with a matching tie bar.
A main focus for us was not only to cater to the dapper individuals of Chicago, but also to make it easier for people all around the world to shop our accessories and find pieces that will fit their style by a simple click of a button. By being able to shop our accessories from anywhere at any time you are able to become part of the exclusive club, The Dapper Club, without physically being in our city. Taking part of The Dapper Club is taking part in our movement to bring the dapper lifestyle and class to anyone, anywhere in the world


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