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The Emerico, meaning “work-power”, is the pocket square for your every-day suit. We believe that being a busy business man shouldn’t have to be at the cost of your style; you should be able to work hard and look dapper doing it!

Walking into a meeting with your suit accessorized with the Emerico pocket square tells everyone in the room that you’re ready to conquer any task at hand. The silk material of the piece will embody your dignity and class that will get you through any situation that presents itself.

Check out the Emerico pocket square.
The deep red and white polka dots allow for the piece to accessorize many different styles. We chose for the pocket square to be modeled on our Date Night look which involves a dark grey two piece suit with a lighter grey turtleneck, causing for the Emerico to really stand out and pop on this look. The color and texture of the pocket square demonstrates a perfect statement piece with black, grey, or even dark blue suits. Pairing Emerico with subtle colors really allows for the piece to give your look a twist of something different. Whether you’re running a meeting or going on a date, you want to give yourself a little something extra in order to stand out.


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