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Seems like when you’re in your 20’s or 30’s, you undoubtedly have a newsfeed on Instagram and Facebook that is full of friends that are getting engaged. Ah, yes.. Time to tie the knot. Time to spend happily ever after with your soulmate.

If you’re single – good news! Wedding crashing season is coming! Even better news, if you’re getting married, it’s time to plan for the big day. But once it comes to planning, let’s be honest gentlemen, we usually let the bride-to-be and the wedding planner take over from there.

BUT you have one job. You only have one job! Find a well-tailored suit and suit up your groomsmen. Where do you usually go? Your local mainstream big box stores and print out a coupon you found on Google. Gone are those days! Gone are the days of settling for the ordinary.

Why do ladies spend thousands of dollars on their hair, makeup, and most importantly – their wedding dress to look good for you and you have the audacity to think it’s okay to match her with a rented tux that you return after the big day, which isn’t perfectly tailored to you or have the ability to take it home and save it to show your kids the tuxedo you wore for mommy and daddy’s wedding. Gentlemen, it’s 2017. It’s time to step up and set the bar higher for yourself and your future daughter’s husband.


The Dapper Club has created a custom design for your special day with our Signature Tuxedo which is designed specially with a velvet paisley designed jacket with a shawl lapel and satin strip on the slacks, for the essential tuxedo touches. Designed with Dapper Club’s core values of encompassing classic details, we custom designed the shirt to our Signature Tuxedo with wing-tip collars, french cuffs, and a hidden placket to give you the cleanest and boldest tuxedo for your wedding so you can stand out and own your tuxedo. If you want to switch things up we also have our Traditional Tuxedo design you might like or we can fully custom design what you desire. Why settle for a rented tuxedo for your wedding? Get yourself a made-to-measure custom tuxedo from The Dapper Club for you and your groomsmen and we’ll even help you put together a groomsmen party at The Dapper Club’s after hours to get measured, play some pool, and sip on scotch. You deserve to make your only job for wedding planning be a good time. We’ll make sure of that.


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