Custom Sport Jackets and Blazers

What’s the difference?


A blazer is a solid color usually paired with a metal button. A blazer will have some features you won’t find in a suit jacket, allowing it to be easily worn with denim, chinos, or other trousers. Some of those features include, pic-stitching on the lapel, contrast stitching on some of the buttonholes, ticket pockets or patch pockets, and a more relaxed fit.

Our variety of fabrics and materials to choose from will allow you to create the perfect blazer.

Sport Jackets

See why a sport jacket is a popular choice for many of our clients. With the large selection of fabrics from the best mills around the world, the expert styling direction for design by our staff, you’ll have your favorite sport jacket in no time.

Our sport jackets are made with a natural shoulder allowing for more movement and the jacket may be partially lined or unlined completely. It’s the perfect 
addition to your wardrobe for a business casual or to wear in the evening.

Choose Your Styling Details

Different jacket types are available to choose between single breasted or double breasted. 2 buttons jackets are usually recommended.
Choose your preferred pocket style. Which do you like? Patch, Besom, or traditional Flap?
A ticket pocket is an additional pocket you may add and will make your jacket stand out.
Have your pocket flaps and lapels hand-stitched, giving your sport jacket more character and true custom look.
We carry a wide selection of fabrics, buttons and lining to truly personalize your custom garment.
Give your jacket the attention detail it deserves with different stitching opens and button hole types.
Give your garment some character and a unique look with elbow patches or wind tabs.
Not only will the outside of your garment be perfectly designed and crafted. Choose from a large variety of linings to make the inside of the jacket stand out as well. If you want to have a custom lining made just for you, you can request or design one with us.


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