Client Spotlight: Ulises Ruelas, Financial Advisor, Northwestern Mutual – West Loop

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What do you do for a living?

I have a Financial Planning practice with Northwestern Mutual based in the West Loop.

Here we work with individuals and business owners to build their money in the most efficient options available to help them achieve their goals.  These goals can be anywhere from buying a first home, a next investment property, preparing for their children’s college, retirement, and anywhere in between. 


My role, is to guide my clients across the many different options while understanding the emotional part of finances, to construct a customized plan for them and their unique goals/situation.   


Once we find a good starting place, we update the plan each and every year as my clients life changes.


What are some of the biggest issues you have when buying off the rack clothing?

As I have gotten older, and my body stopped growing up but instead of outward, I always had a challenge finding an item which didn’t make me look boxier than I already felt.  I would have to sacrifice fit, for look, wearing a jacket that would adhere to my shoulders but usually the arm length too long and rest of the suit too wide.


Why did you choose The Dapper Club?

Like my clients, I wanted something that was custom to me.  I started buying custom a couple years ago, as I wear them every day.  I learned that I still was buying items that weren’t completely tailored to me, or the tailors vision was different than what I wanted.  And it was a constant uphill battle to get the suits how I wanted.  After being referred to Dapper Club, seeing your clients, how they dressed, and more importantly how their clothes were tailored, I was excited about working with you guys. 

Why is it important for you to look dapper?

When I was a kid and use to play baseball, and my coach always wanted us to come to the game in a clean uniform.  He would say, “If you look good, you feel good, you play good”.  And that really always stuck with me.  In my line of work, its important that I bring the best version of myself to each client interaction, in order to do my best for them.  Starting your day, looking forward to a great suit, is a feeling I’m addicted to now.


What do you love about The Dapper Club?

You’ve really listened to me. We’ve worked to construct suits I feel comfortable in, fit and style, and like we are working towards building a wardrobe over time.   At other places, I constantly felt sold to,  and with you that’s the opposite.


How does wearing a custom suit by The Dapper Club make you feel?

I can never go back…but the scary part is, my wife wants in on the fun now. 🙂


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