Client Spotlight: Kyara Garza, Principal Attorney, Garza Law Group

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What do you do for a living?
I’m a Real Estate Attorney. I primarily focus on residential real estate transactions; however, I do sort commercial transactions as well. Usually I’m in real estate closings, but I do frequent court rooms for housing matters.

What are some of the biggest issues you have when buying off the rack clothing?
I’m tall with a slender and curvy build. It’s difficult finding a suit for a tall woman because not many women in general wear suits. If I do find a suit the pants are never long enough or the jacket fits too loose around my waist.

Why did you choose The Dapper Club?
I have an important job where I must be taken seriously, but that doesn’t mean I have to wear a dated suit. I wanted to inject a little brightness in my work wardrobe. The Dapper Club had an assortment of fabric options, including PINKS. I wanted my first custom suit to reflect my femininity so I opted for a skirt suit in a rose pink color. The Dapper Club help me pick a lining that balanced it perfectly.

Why is it important for you to look dapper
In my industry you are in front of clients all day and you must look flawless at all times. A classic suit with a perfect fit is head-turning. There is no one who doesn’t look good in a trouser suit that is tailored well and that’s what The Dapper Club delivers.

What do you love about The Dapper Club?
I love how I can go to The Dapper Club with an idea and we add our spin to it. My last suit was inspired by Blake Lively’s role in the movie A Simple Favor.

In the movie she serves incredible style with tailored suit looks, but my favorite she had on was a navy blue pinstripe three piece design. After taking my measurements and one fitting later I got my fresh suit with the sophisticated print.

I look polished to perfection in it and that’s the look that we were going for.

How does wearing a custom suit by The Dapper Club make you feel?
When you are a woman in a suit people treat you differently. My mom calls it my super hero suit because when I wear it, it commands attention and respect. One day during work she asked me to take her to ER and to not change out of my suit. When we walked in she was tended to almost immediately. Sure enough I got complimented on my suit and hospital staff asked what I did for a living. By the time we left the ER there were still some of the same people in the waiting room area. It made me feel very strong, recognizable and intimidating – that’s the branding I hope to develop over my career.



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