Client Spotlight: Evan King, Jewelry & Fashion Consultant, Neiman Marcus

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What do you do for a living?
I am a Jewelry and Fashion Consultant at Neiman Marcus on Michigan Avenue. The bulk of my business is in fine jewelry and watches where I specialize in brands like Bvlgari, Chanel, Boucheron, Chopard, Franck Müller, and many other top jewelry houses. I also do a great deal of business in estate jewelry where the pieces are either vintage or antique and are usually one-of-a-kind. For my clients, the purchases at this level are VERY personal and great care must be taken to make the experience something unforgettable and tailor-made.
What are some of the biggest issues you have when buying off the rack clothing?
One look at me and the answer is clear: I’m a giant with a slim frame! Quite often when I would buy off the rack, I would drown in my shirts/suits/pants because the “average bear” at my height (6’6”) IS a bear! Even after alterations, the clothing still wasn’t made FOR me. There’s only so much you can alter a piece of clothing before you have to throw in the towel and realize that you need to explore other options.
Why did you choose The Dapper Club?
I met Ricardo through Facebook about 3 years ago and we just hit it off. I was living in the burbs working for another jewelry company. I wear suits every day and I was not pleased with my lack of options for attire to wear to work. I came to him first to alter a suit I already owned and I was just blown away by his passion, his professionalism, and his attention to detail. He made me feel like I wasn’t just a customer, but like I was part of a family. To this day, I don’t do anything clothing-related without going through Rick whether it’s a simple alteration or a custom winter coat.
Why is it important for you to look dapper?
I work in one of the top locations to purchase high-end jewelry in the city of Chicago. That alone would be enough of a reason, but the more important reason is lifestyle. The way you see yourself is more important than the way anyone else sees you. I take pride in who I am and what I represent and it’s a lifestyle. These are different times we live in and people used to take more pride in the way they presented themselves to the world. Now, we get to spearhead the movement!
What do you love about The Dapper Club?
Aside from Ricardo’s attention to detail, he does his best to make his clients feel comfortable. He’ll serve you a glass of your favorite liquor to sip on, put on your favorite tunes, and then dive deep into a pile of books containing high-quality fabrics. Ricardo is also great at helping his clients gain more knowledge on how and where to wear certain suits and outfits and fabrics. He is always researching on his own to provide the most up-to-date quality product and fashion sensibilities to his clients. He truly wants to arm his clients with knowledge to go along with the clothing he provides. He’s more about teaching his clients how to fish than just feeding them.
How does wearing a custom suit by The Dapper Club make you feel?
I feel like ME. There’s no better feeling in the world than having a stranger come up to you and say “That’s a badass suit! Where did you get it?” I flip it open, show them the custom lining and monogram, and I tell them “I created this custom with Dapper Club…tell Ricardo that Evan sent ya!”
If you’re in the market for some high end jewelry and watches, make sure to hit up Evan, he’ll definitely take care of you!


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