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The Sprezzatura Style | Look Dapper without much effort

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Finally upon us! Many of us are ecstatic for summer days, beach fun and cold drinks! We have the tendency of lowering our style grade for comfortability and to keep cool. BUT, there are alternatives my dapper friends!

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Let me introduce to you a style that I have adapted: Sprezzatura


Italian non | Sprez-za-tu-ra

Studied nonchalance: graceful conduct or performance without apparent effort


As long as you have great pieces in your wardrobe, you too can adapt this style and look as dapper as ever without much effort.

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Everyone has their own form of Sprezzatura. This can include just wearing a tailored dress shirt with an open collar, trousers with a shorter hem and some great loafers. Maybe add a nice light silk scarf to add that extra oomph.

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 As far as sport coats, the less structured, the more sprezzatura it is. Find some sport coats with less structure, half linings, and less structured shoulders for a more casual and comfortable look. With that being more casual, you can wear some t-shirts, chinos and sneakers for comfortability and a more casual look. If you want to spice it up a little bit more, just throw in a pocket square without thinking twice about how it looks.

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Sprezzatura is all about having the right garments pieced well together without having to think too much about it.

The Dapper Club has Sprezzatura experts that can help build your wardrobe from the ground up. Contact us at and set up your consultation to create the perfect summer.

by creative director: Ricardo Perez


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