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Be Noble And Ready To Conquer Your Day

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When preparing for your day, what are some of the thoughts you have? In what way do you want to be perceived by those around you? Here at The Dapper Club, we pride ourselves on always looking the part. Whatever your part is, you always want to look qualified, and ready for whatever comes your way. For this purpose, we are presenting you with The Alonso.

Alonso, meaning noble and ready, fits perfectly for the name of this tie because the Alonso is a piece that is always ready to accessorize your everyday suit. This tie easily pulls your business or casual look together perfectly with it’s navy blue color along with subtle pink and light blue printed pattern.

We decided to match this tie with our classic grey look, which incorporates an exemplary grey coat with a powder blue fitted shirt. This combination allows for the deep blue color of the tie to really stand out compared to the rest of the colors integrated in your look. The Alonso grants you the ability to stand apart without being over-the-top; accessorizing with this tie allows for you to nobly highlight yourself with a dapper aura in a sea of people. 


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