Work with GQ Insider, Ricardo Perez to design your custom suit or tuxedo.

Ricardo Perez

Dapper Club Founder

Ricardo Perez began his passion for formal attire in his teens. He studied classical and Jazz music playing the trumpet and quickly fell in love with big band artists and their lifestyle such as Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin. He was eager to bring back that class in menswear and began to dress like them with a modern twist.

At the age of 17, he served our country in the United States Marine Corps as an explosives expert and was instilled discipline and attention to detail. This became handy in his every day wear, as Ricardo paid close attention to detail to his clothing. After serving in the Marine Corps, Ricardo worked in sales and banking for some time. He realized that suits were poorly fitted to most men and many men struggled to find suits that properly fit them and were not educated in what to wear.

Ricardo began to work as a freelance personal stylist hoping to solve the issue for men and shopping. He later found how time consuming and frustrating shopping could be and wished there was a business that offered a more relaxed and enjoyable setting where men could buy their clothing with expert help!

That’s where he came up with the idea of The Dapper Club, the ideal place for men to have their garments expertly made specifically to fit their liking, style and lifestyle. 4 years and over 2,000 clients later, The Dapper Club has become one of the most popular custom clothiers in Chicago with every year adding more and more happy clients to the Club.

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